Welcome to Eye of the Eagle Martial Arts

The Sydney based Martial Arts Academy was established in 1990, and teaches a blend of Martial Arts drawn from a number of popular styles. Click Here for our Martial Arts Styles.
Look out for up and coming Kids Boot Camp to keep your child fit and healthy. We will also be updating our next Adults Boot Camp.

Our Professional Martial Arts Trainers personally encourage and help build confidence while enabling you to lose weight and get fit in the process.
Improve your overall fitness and confidence level and enroll now for your first free class. The academy offers separate, specialised courses for the following age groups:

Children's Martial Arts Classes
This includes basic fundamentals of Martial Arts, Self Defense, Confidence, Discipline, and Respect.

Adult Martial Arts Classes
Teaches a Blend of Martial Arts derived from Various Styles which also includes Self Defence Skills. In this Course you will learn how to Defend yourself using your Hands, Legs, Knees, and Elbows. You will also learn how to apply Locks, Chokes, Holds, Restraints, and Take-Downs.

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Phone: 0414-635-166
Email: info@eyeoftheeagle.com.au